Hello, Adventurer!

What is The Adventurers Companion?

The Adventurers Companion is your all-in-one, always there, assistant for the modern day adventurer. Combining the best that modern science and ancient wisdom can offer, penned by the Mad Mage Sepherion and distilled into a series of tools to help you get on top of your life, track key stats and goal progress, forming positive habits, and breaking bad ones, and teaching you the skills to transform a humble hobbit in to a Legendary Adventurer.

It is common knowledge that 20% of your effort produces 80% of our results, and by contrast 20% of your problems produce 80% of your grief! In most cases, it is usually realtively small and easy to deal with issues that, if procrastinated over for long enough, turn into large areas of discontent. If one can merely "Eat the Frog" early enough, it never becomes 'Poisoness". With 'Wraith Hunter', one can track these ephemeral problems and seize them by the throat before they get a chance to drain one's energy, resources and joy.

It is said by the sages that to know a thing, one must measure a thing. With Character Tracker everything from mood, hydration, nutritional macros, meditation practice or virtualy anything else can be tracked and corrolated, allowing patterns to be found. Once the pattern is divined, then it is a simple matter to do more of what is good and less of what is not, to build the better you.

The vast majority of our action are performed out of habit. Many uninitiated feel, eroneously, that they can never change, but it takes only 30 days to build, or break, a habit, it is said. By choosing to commit to a short quest, a mere 30 days, the aspirant can set themselves on the path to life long change.

In the unlikely event that peace comes too soon, and the thrill of adventure pulls at the yearning soul once again, The Adventurers Companion has all sorts of interesting an arcane Quests to fill even the most depressed soul.

Just imagine the you that has brought life under control, strong, powerful, serene, adored by men and women alike.

You NEED an Adventurers Companion.

You Deserve it!